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Construction of a canteen


The pupils live far away and most of them go to school on foot. The all-day school, with shortened break times, leaves some pupils no time to return home for lunch. Pupils who could go home for lunch might not find food upon their arrival. After the lunch break, these pupils return late because they live very far away or because they have not eaten. It is difficult for them to return to school with an empty stomach.

Also it ‘s not easy for pupils to learn in the afternoon because they are less attentive. Beyond that, they are weaker due to insufficient meals and they often get ill. As a result, they miss many lessons.


  • Improving the pupils´s school performance.
  • Coping with the pupils’ nutritional needs by providing them with lunch.
  • Improving the presence and concentration of the pupils.

Parents will be involved in both the management of the École Abotre´s canteen and its catering.

These donations are used for:

  • The construction of a school kitchen
  • The purchase of equipment for the canteen

Construction of a canteen

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