At the beginning of 2020 the company of the Théâtre Jean Renoir presented a play by Patrick Ortéga in the Munich Team Theatre “Le Mâle et le Bien”.

When we asked Valérie Weidenfeld, the company’s director, if she would support  Kwadwo´s project, she replied without hesitation: “But of course!”

At the end of each of the 19 performances, Kwadwo and Rose presented the Sunyani-Mantukwa School Project to almost 2000 French-speaking theatre lovers in Munich.

The donations collected were significant. Many thanks to Valérie Weidenfeld and the Théâtre Jean Renoir troupe for their support!

The collected money

The money collected during this event will allow Abotre to finance the shipment of a container with donations in kind. This container should have left this summer. Unfortunately, its shipment was delayed due to the Covid-19 crisis.