Solidarity run of the Lycée Jean Renoir of Munich 

With both motivation and enthusiasm, the pupils ran on marked routes: each of them had to complete as many circuits as possible during a time appropriate to their level (1st grade, 12 minutes, 2nd grade 15 minutes, 3rd, 4th and 5th: 20 minutes).

Kwadwo himself participated by running with the students.

In 2018, the donations were shared between three charity projects which support the school education of underprivileged children, including Kwadwo’s Abotre project. In 2019 all donations went to the Abotre association. Those who were present conveyed their best wishes to the pupils in having access to school and an education.

We would like to thank the management team of the Lycée Jean Renoir as well as the teaching staff for their great help.

The collected money:

The collected money during this event allowed Abotre to finance the purchase of the land.