Terms and Conditions


Users can financially support one or more projects of their choice by making donations.

Donors are entirely free to decide on the amount and use of their donations. By accepting these presents, the donor declares that the source of the funds used by him on the site is not illegal and undertakes not to use it for any illegal or fraudulent activity, including money laundering.

Hinweis zum Geldwäschegesetz 

Die Pflicht zur Mitteilung an das Transparenzregister ist erfüllt, da sich die vorgeschriebenen Angaben zum wirtschaftlich Berechtigten bereits aus den in §22 Abs 1. GwG aufgeführten Dokumenten und Eintragungen aus dem Vereinsregister (§55 BGB) ergeben.

Conditions of payment by credit card

Abotre has chosen to trust Paypal through the Paypal Plus solution to secure and manage all the electronic payment services for credit card payments.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you agree to be bound by PayPal’s General Terms and Conditions of Use, which may be subject to occasional modifications by them. Because Abotre allows payments to be made via Paypal, you agree to provide Abotre with accurate and complete information about you and your activity, and authorize Abotre to share this information as well as information concerning transactions made via the payment solution provided by Paypal.

Cancellation of Donations

The donor has no right of withdrawal of the donation made through the site, regardless of whether the donation was made by credit card, bank transfer or direct debit proposed on the site. The donation, once it has been made by the donor, is considered to be definitively attributed to the project concerned, except in the case of rejection of the payment when debiting the donor’s bank account.

Collection of information

The user knows and acknowledges that he/she is required to provide information concerning him/her when making a donation to Abotre. Some information is even mandatory, in particular that which enables the user to be identified. The personal information collected by Abotre includes name, email address and postal address. In addition, certain non-personal information may be collected such as the version of the user’s browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.), the type of operating system used (Windows, Mac OS, etc.) and the IP address of the computer used.

Use of data

The main purpose of the information collected about the user is to allow the identification of the users of the site as well as their use of the various services offered on the Site. All precautions have been taken on the databases to archive user information in a secure environment. Only certain volunteers of Abotre, or of any other company mandated by it, have access to this information. The information provided by the user at the time of his/her donation does not constitute an announcement accessible to third parties, nor is it transmitted, sold or exchanged.