Kwadwo Nyamekye's dream

At the beginning of the Abotre Project there was a dream: the dream of a young man, Kwadwo Nyamkye, who was born in Ghana and left his home country one fine day in 1984. Enthusiastic about languages and above all in love with the French language, which he learned in high school in Ghana, he moved to France.

More exactly, he went to Toulouse.

In his new hometown, he had the revelation of his secret wish to found a school in Ghana. It was, for sure, not a mirage, but the beginning of a real project. From then on, he was determined to realise this project at any cost. In “his school” the French language should have to take an important place close to the official language of Ghana, this being English. This remains his main motivation to this day.

In 1996, Kwadwo moved to Munich with his wife Rose and their first two children.

One day, he found work at the Lycée Français Jean Renoir. His three children attended the Lycée Jean Renoir and are now studying in Bavaria.

Thanks to his charisma and the power of his convictions, Kwadwo has gradually succeeded in communicating his dream to the Lycée Français in Munich, a large part of the French community.

Little by little, a handful of teachers and parents have been getting involved in the project. They contribute their energy and know-how.

The first module of the project was realised with the money raised by a sponsored run by pupils in 2019. With the money donated to the Abotre association, Kwadwo bought a piece of land in Mantukwa near Sunyani, in eastern Ghana.

In the spring 2020, a team of friends and experts were brought together by the project.

Kwadwo’s dream has had a long start, has crossed decades and borders without losing its power, and today it has finally become a reality!

To make their beautiful dream come true, Kwadwo and Rose have had to be very patient.


"ABOTRE" means "patience" in Twi, the local language!